Woman Makes Fake Account to Test Boyfriend’s Loyalty, Shocked After He Tells Her His Girlfriend is ‘Dead’!
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All relationships require a certain degree of honesty. It is one of the foundations for maintaining a healthy relationship. But a girl who decided to check on her boyfriend not only ended up being lied to, but also got slammed for herself lying in the first place. A Twitter user revealed that she decided to check on her boyfriend by creating a fake account. She was shocked when her boyfriend while chatting to the fake account said that his girlfriend was dead. When she revealed about it on Twitter, users slammed her for catfishing with her guy.

Akosuah May, from Accra in Ghana, tweeted about her testing her boyfriend by creating a fake account. She wrote, "I created a fake account and started chatting my boyfriend, he told me his girlfriend just died two months ago." Her tweet not only went viral but users said that she is also a liar. Some people have said its actually even, that both of them lied to each other. US Girl Dumps Cheating Boyfriend on Her 21st Birthday, Video Goes Viral!

Check Girl's Tweet About Testing Her Boyfriend:

The tweet got about 30,000 retweets in barely two days and over a lakh likes. People, however, were not impressed with Akosuah May's idea and she got slammed too. Check some of the reactions on her tweet. Indonesian Man Catches Cheating Girlfriend, Announces Breakup With Her on Ad Billboard, View Pic!

You were the cheater

Whose fake one here?

It's Even!

Or maybe the real girlfriend died?

At least he acknowledged a GF!

Some users said that she should be lucky that he acknowledged having girlfriend months ago, while others suggested she should have asked for more details on this girl. While some guys said that they always know if the girl is checking them and thus purposely give such replies. Well, we wonder if the guy here knew if it was his own girlfriend, all this while too.