226/10 (49.4 ov)BAN
NZ 229/2 (36.1 ov)
CRR: 6.33 | New Zealand beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets

NZ beat BAN by 8 wickets | Bangladesh vs New Zealand, Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd ODI Match

Bangladesh in New Zealand, 3 ODI Series, 2019

Date: Feb 16, 2019 Start Time: 03:30 IST | 22:00 GMT | 11:00 Local
Venue: Hagley Oval, Christchurch

Bangladesh vs New Zealand Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd Match - ODI Summary

End of Over : 36.1 NZ: 229/2

That's all that we have from Christchurch. This game and the series so far has been a beating of sorts for the visitors. Can they come back hard in the final game and pick up a consolation win, helping them to take some momentum to the Tests? Join us for that match which will take place at University Oval in Dunedin on the 20th of February. It will begin at 1100 local (2200 GMT, previous night). See ya! Cheers.

Kane Williamson, the winning captain is happy about the clinical performance and about the way his boys are performing their given roles. He agrees that there was some help for them from the overhead conditions. He says that post the difficult series against India, it was important for them to come back and play better cricket. Reckons that partnerships are important in ODIs and is happy that his batsmen have put in a batting performance that is worthy of applause. Regarding his own form, Kane is humble and feels that he just did his job and mentions it was nice to spend some time in the middle. On this game being his last ODI before the World Cup, the NZ skipper who has been rested for the final match says that he will be following up with the team in Dunedin and it is not a long break before the Test matches against Bangladesh begin.

Bangladesh skipper, Mashrafe Mortaza, says it was difficult to bat in the morning and it got easier as the game progressed. Mentions the top order needs to step up but there are not many but surely some positives going forward. Admits they need to play more as a team. Reckons they need to build partnerships and score something around 270.

Martin Guptill, the Man of the Match feels that this was a much better hundred than the previous match, reckons this pitch was an easier one to bat on. He says that he does not look at the records and milestones and they come along the way. On a more jovial note, when asked if he has had a word with his mate, Ross Taylor regarding making and breaking records, Guptill smiles and says that he hasn't as yet but he surely will.

The lesser said about the visitors' bowling, the better. They looked toothless and barring the early wicket of Henry Nicholls which was a bad shot as well, they did not have any happiness. Yes, they did get Guptill but only after he scored 118. By that time, the bowlers were beaten to pulp and all the shoulders of the fielders had dropped. Thus, the series has been decided with a game to go. When the Bangladesh team came here, they did have some hopes of competing despite the loss of Shakib al Hasan but the way both the matches have gone certainly say a different story. A professional bowling performance, followed by clinical chases in both games. New Zealand have not broken a sweat and are 2-0 up in the 3-match series with a game to go. Presentation to follow...

It has been a stroll in the park, this. Nothing but that. One man, Martin Guptill just smashed the Bangladesh bowlers all around the ground and made his second hundred of the series. And if you do that while chasing a total of 227, you more or less ensure your team's win. Add to it, a supportive innings from his skipper, Kane Williamson who made a half-ton of his own. The other opener failed but the 143-run stand between Guptill and Kane meant that the only other batsman who came to bat when the right-handed opener fell had not much to do.

36.1 4

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. FOUR! Williamson finishes it off in style! A gift to seal the series, full toss and on off, Kane strokes it through extra cover and the ball races away. Customary handshakes going on as the KIWIS WIN BY 8 WICKETS!

End of Over : 36 7 Runs 36.1: 225/2
35.6 0

Sabbir Rahman to Ross Taylor. Flighted delivery on off, Taylor defends off the back foot.

35.5 4

Sabbir Rahman to Ross Taylor. FOUR! Nice shot. Short and outside off, Taylor cuts it hard through point for a boundary. The hosts need just 2 runs to win the series.

35.4 0

Sabbir Rahman to Ross Taylor. Short on off, Taylor cuts it to point.

35.3 1

Sabbir Rahman to Kane Williamson. Full on off, Williamson drives it towards covers for a run. Just six more needed for the hosts to win the series.

35.2 1

Sabbir Rahman to Ross Taylor. Tossed up on off, Taylor drives it towards mid off for a run.

35.1 1

Sabbir Rahman to Kane Williamson. Floated on off, Williamson drives it towards covers for a single.

End of Over : 35 2 Runs 36.1: 218/2
34.6 1

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. Now eases this down to long on for a run. Runs needed now into single digits.

34.5 0

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

34.4 0

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. Slower through the air on off, Williamson goes back and with the turn plays it to mid-wicket.

34.3 0

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. Very full and on off, Williamson strokes it back to the right of the bowler who dives and stops it.

34.2 0

Mehidy Hasan to Kane Williamson. Williamson goes back and punches it towards mid on. The fielder at short mid-wicket makes a good stop diving to his left. Saves a run.

34.1 1

Mehidy Hasan to Ross Taylor. This is pushed through covers for an easy run.

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