Match Abandoned | Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score 3rd ODI Match

Pakistan and New Zealand in UAE, 3 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Nov 11, 2018 Start Time: 16:30 IST | 11:00 GMT | 15:00 Local
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
279/8 Overs: 50.0
35/1 Overs: 6.5
Match Abandoned

Pakistan vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score - 3rd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 6.5 NZ: 35/1

So that is it from this game! 56.5 overs is what we witnessed. A sad end to what was a good series. However, both the sides now turn their attention to the longest format as they head into a three-match Test series. The first one begins on the 16th of November in Abu Dhabi at 1000 local (0600 GMT). Till then, goodbye and take care!

6.5 4

FOUR! Easy-peasy! Short and on the body, Nicholls helps it on its way through backward square leg for a boundary.

6.4 1

Fuller in length on off, HN strokes it to mid off. The fielder misfields and a run is taken.

6.3 1

Almost played it on! This was shortin length around off, Nicholls tries to keep it out off the back foot but away from his body. It goes off the inner half towards square leg for a run.

6.2 0

A little too straight, Nicholls misses the flick and is hit on the pads.

6.1 0

Excellent fielding! Full and on the pads, Nicholls flicks it towards mid-wicket. Haris Sohail there dives to his right and saves a boundary.

End of Over : 6 9 Runs NZ: 29/1
5.6 0

Keeps it on the off stump, it is defended onto the ground.

5.5 0

Good comeback! Gets his line right and lands it around off, gets it to jag back in. Worker tries to flick but misses to get hit near the box.

5.4 4

FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Last one was power so this one was finesse. On the pads, it is worked fine down the leg side.

5.3 4

FOUR! First boundary of this innings! He did not lose his shape this time as he pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. That made a cracking sound of the bat.

5.2 0

Where did that come from? Worker dances down the track and tries to go big. He loses his shape and to his fortune gets beaten.

5.1 1

Back of a length on middle, Henry pushes it to mid on for a single.

End of Over : 5 4 Runs NZ: 20/1
4.6 0

Full and around off, the batsman times it to covers. Another tight over comes to an end.

4.5 0

Good length and on off, Worker gets right behind the line of the delivery and defends it out.