Shahid Afridi, Gautam Gambhir Face Off in a TV Debate, Talk About Kashmir Issue Ahead of India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018; Watch Video
File picture of Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi. (Photo: Getty Images)

It is a long-standing norm that ahead of India vs Pakistan cricket matches, TV news channels bring on board former players from both the countries for a debate. The buildup to the India vs Pakistan cricket match on these news channels is quite dramatic and anchors try every tactic to heat up things. As India and Pakistan take on each other in the Asia Cup 2018 match, news channels from both the countries hosted a joint show. Gautam Gambhir was one of the panellists on the Indian channel and on the other side, Shahid Afridi was present as well. India vs Pakistan Head-to-Head Record in Asia Cup: Wins, Losses, and Other Statistics Ahead of Their Clash Today!

It’s no secret that both Afridi and Gambhir have been at loggerheads on and off the field. There is a history of duels on the field between these two and recently they have taken the battle to social networking sites as well. Both Afridi and Gambhir often engage in heated arguments on Twitter.

Meanwhile, ahead of the highly anticipated India vs Pakistan clash at the Asia Cup 2018, both Afridi and Gambhir faced each other in a TV debate. It all started with Indian anchor talking about the controversial Twitter conversations between Afridi and Gambhir. To which Afridi replied, “it is Gautam’s love”. And Gambhir responded by saying, “the tweets deserve that type of replies.” Asia Cup 2018 Schedule in PDF for Free Download: Timetable With List of All Matches in IST Including India vs Pakistan Fixture.

The conversation started on a positive note with both Afridi and Gambhir talking about the role of celebrities in peace building between India and Pakistan. However, things took the sharp turn when Afridi inserted the Kashmir solution and hoped both India and Pakistan allows Kashmiris to decide their future. Though Indian anchor tried to deviate from the topic, by saying “we are here to talk about the Asia Cup,” but Afridi reiterated that “we are here to bring both the countries together”. Former Indian chief selector and captain Sandeep Patil was also present in the debate and requested that this is not the platform to raise the ‘Kashmir issue.’ Asia Cup 2018 Points Table

Here’s the video of the face-off between Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir during a TV debate:

Both India and Pakistan are placed in Group A of the 2018 Asia Cup and take on each other in the group stage match. Pakistan defeated Hong Kong in their opening match and India too registered a hard-fought victory over them. The winner of this match will take the top spot on the points table. Having qualified for the Super 4 round, India and Pakistan will meet again in the next round. And if all goes well for both the sides, India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018 final is on the cards.