Virat Kohli Reportedly Asked to Remain ‘Humble’ by COA During India vs Australia 2018-19 Tour
Virat Kohli (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Not very long ago he was snapped by the people for his ‘Leave India’ comment. Also, there have been several instances where the Indian skipper has involved himself into a brawl on-field and has grabbed headlines for his behaviour. Now, ahead of the India vs Australia 2018-19 tour, Committee of Administrators (COA) has reportedly asked Virat Kohli to sober down during the tour. The conversation between Virat Kohli and the officials of the COA happened via WhatsApp and was followed by a phone call. Virat Kohli Defends Controversial 'Leave India' Comment: Is Indian Captain Endorsing Puma, Uber, Audi, Non-Indian Brands Not Hypocrisy?

As per the report by Mumbai Mirror, “He was told to be humble, in his interactions both with the press and the public.” This comes in the wake of controversy where the Indian cricket captain lambasted a fan who said that he preferred to watch English or Australian batsmen over Indians. Kohli responded to the same and said, “I don’t think you should live in India then. Why are you living in our country and loving other countries?” Bully Virat Kohli’s ‘Leave India’ Comment to Fan: These Ugly Episodes Prove Indian Captain Is Great Cricketer but Not a True Role Model!

Just before leaving for Australia, Kohli spoke to the press about the verbal altercations that happen on the field and went on to reveal that he was hoping for a sledge free summer Down Under. “When it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field, or in a fight as people want to call it excitedly, I have been completely OK playing without an altercation.” Mitchell Johnson took a jibe at the Indian skipper and posted which read, “I look forward to no Virat send-offs.”