Virat Kohli has found himself in hot waters for the past few days with his comments on a non-fan asking him to leave India if he does not like Indian batsmen. The Indian skipper has faced a flurry of social media backlash over his controversial 'leave India' statement with some even going to the extent of requesting for his removal from the leadership role. Seeing things reach boiling point, Virat came up with a meek defence over the whole issue suggesting he was just trolling the person for his comment on 'Indians' and that he would like to stick to getting trolled in the future. Virat Kohli’s Favourite Cricketer Was Herschelle Gibbs NOT Sachin Tendulkar, So by His Own Logic, Indian Captain Should Leave India!

Time and again the greatest batsman of this era finds himself embroiled in issues which does more harm than good to his reputation. Why can Virat not emulate someone like an MS Dhoni or Sachin Tendulkar with whom he has spent several years in the dressing room? These cricketers have managed to stay on top of their game both on and off the pitch. We look at some of the reasons why Virat Kohli has failed as a role model despite achieving so much on the pitch.

Watch Video of Virat Kohli Losing His Calm on a Fan, Asking Him to Leave India!

Too much aggression

Some of the leading men in world cricket have often shared the opinion that aggression is a virtue, which is in your game not for the cameras to see. But with Kohli, his aggression is for everyone to see. We have lost count of the number of times he has been caught swearing at opposition players. In addition to all the swearing, he constantly gives send-offs to batsmen when it is just not required. It is almost as if he is creating an atmosphere of tension and uneasiness on the ground when none exists. Virat Kohli Lashes Out at South African Reporter Post Centurion Defeat: Three Times When Indian Skipper Lost His Cool Publicly.

Watch Video of Virat Kohli Show Middle Finger to Australian Fans!

One would remember the ugly episode, when the Indian skipper was caught by cameras making offensive gestures towards a section of the crowd while playing in Australia. So, it is safe to say the ‘aggression’ does not stop at rival players but also the fans. To make matters even worse, he once abused a Hindustan Times journalist during a practise session in Perth in 2015 for writing a story about his then girlfriend, now wife, actress Anushka Sharma. So probably no one is safe from Virat’s tirade if he finds the person is a suitable candidate for his expletive-laden fury.

Just imagine a budding cricketer in India seeing his icon retorting to abuses and obscene actions. It will set a negative precedent as they may imitate his actions. In a country where cricket is a religion, the Delhi batsman should know each and every action of his setting a notion for millions of budding cricketers.

Is he a bully?

Recently Virat Kohli came up with a video of his wife Anushka Sharma having a go at a person for throwing garbage on the road. The star husband and wife were yelling at the person while sitting in their car. While the message he was trying to give was for the greater good of the society, there was no context to the video. Apart from that he even named and shamed the person leaving him shell-shocked. The man in question later came up all guns blazing accusing Virat Kohli of bullying.

When Virat And Anushka Used Their Celeb Status to Name and Shame a Person Publicly!

We wonder if there was a need of the video in the first place. The Indian skipper could have easily taken the man to task off camera for littering. The person involved in the fiasco would surely have got the message if dealt sternly. But turning to a classic case of celebrity bullying left him traumatised, and the message of cleanliness took a backseat. Remember the video of Sachin Tendulkar politely asking riders to wear a helmet on a busy street. Clearly, Virat needed a lesson from the great man on how to use their celebrity status and powers judiciously on social media.

Thinks he is bigger than the game

No these are not are our words but the views of former Royal Challengers Bangalore coach Ray Jennings who coached Virat for a brief period. He said the Kohli had strong objections to the shortcomings pointed at him. This was one of the reasons that coasted Anil Kumble the coaching job right after the Champions Trophy 2017 final. It is believed Virat Kohli was in a bitter feud with the former Indian spinner over a variety of issues. The communication between the two had come to a grinding halt, and the Indian team had a polarised dressing room during Anil’s last days at the helm of management.

The power struggle with the most powerful man in Indian cricket had only one loser from day one – Anil Kumble. The Indian legend ultimately resigned and blamed the skipper for his ouster. The treatment meted out to one of the greats of the game was criticised by several former Indian skippers in Sunil Gavaskar and Saurav Ganguly. But did it matter to Kohli- the answer is a resounding no. He went out of the way to get Ravi Shastri on board despite several oppositions from BCCI members.

While Virat Kohli is flawless with a bat in his hand, there are several chinks in his armour when his behaviour is scrutinised. It is these little things that separate great players from the great men.

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