Former Brazil international, Ronaldinho has thanked his prison inmates for making his time in prison easier and comfortable. Ronaldinho, who was released after being held for 32 days in prison and is currently in house arrest with his brother and manager Roberto Assis, also said that he was shocked after discovering that the Paraguayan passports in his possession were fake and illegal. Ronaldo and his brother were released from jail after paying $1.6 million in bail but have been placed in house arrest in Paraguay. The two-time FIFA World Player of the Year and a former Barcelona and AC Milan forward was, along with his brother, arrested on March 6 after they caught trying to enter Paraguay with falsified documents. Ronaldinho Fake Passport Case: Former Brazilian Footballer Says Arrest and Confinement Has Been Hard.

“We were totally surprised to find out the documents were not legal,” Ronaldinho said in an interview with Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color. “Our intention ever since has been to collaborate with judicial authorities to clear up the facts and we have been doing that since the beginning. From then until today we have explained everything and done everything officials have asked of us.” Ronaldinho Fake Passports Case: Former Brazilian Footballer Released from Jail, Placed Under House Arrest.

Ronaldinho, who was pictured laying football and Volleyball with his prison inmates praised them for making his stay easier despite their own difficulties. “It was a real blow, I never imagined that I would go through something like this,” he said. “All my life I have tried to be as professional as possible and bring joy to people with my football.”

“Everyone I had the opportunity to get to know in prison welcomed me: the part of my life that was playing football, signing autographs, taking photos, there was no reason not to keep doing that, especially with people who were going through a difficult time like myself. We hope that (the Paraguayan justice system) can use and confirm all that we have given them about our position and that we can get out of this situation as soon as possible.”

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