CES 2019: Lenovo Smart Clock With Google Assistant Unveiled at Trade Show
Lenovo Smart Clock Launched at CES 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Lenovo, a Chinese technology giant has officially unveiled a new smart clock, which is essentially a smaller version of its smart display that comes with Google Assistant. This smart clock from Lenovo is designed to do bunch of jobs from telling you the time to waking you up in the morning, playing music, charging devices and much more. Another highlight of this device is that it can be set up with a Google Assistant Routine specifically for sleeping that means you can put your devices on silent mode or turn off with a voice command. CES 2019: Price Tag of World's First Rollable OLED TV Could Impact Early Sales, Says LG.

Talking more about Lenovo's smart clock, the device packs a 4-inch touchscreen and a fabric cover that looks similar to the material used on the Google's Home Mini. Lenovo has also offered some exciting customizable clock faces. Launched in US at CES 2019 for a price tag of $80, the Lenovo Smart Clock is slated to be shipped from this spring. CES 2019: Amazon launches 'Key For Garage' Delivery Services; Will Be Available For US Prime Members By Q2, 2019.

To recall, Google added the ability to set music alarms with Google Assistant just a year ago and the American tech giant is moving fast as far as its rivalry with Amazon is concerned. Moreover, the company seems to be aggressive for locking customers in its smart home ecosystem. Additionally, the tech giant is looking to attract customers with Google Assistant by mentioning that it will fulfill all your needs if you already own Chromecast and Google Home.

On the other hand, Amazon's Echo Spot alarm clock with Alexa was introduced in the market more than a year ago. Even, the company expanded its own Alexa line-up by adding new minimalist wall clock displaying timers set with voice assistant. In a bid to keep up with competition, Google needs to amplify the range of products backed by Google Assistant.