Hetty Kitty on YouTube: Japanese Comic Character Joins in The Virtual Vlogger Trend
Hello Kitty is now on YouTube (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

Hello Kitty is a loved anime character by one and all. Now the cat is all set to impress you with her vlogs. The Japanese anime character now has a YouTube channel and in the very first video, she speaks of becoming a successful vlogger. The cat mascot could not be back in the emerging trend of virtual bloggers. 6 YouTubers You Should Follow If You Love Fashion.  

Hello Kitty is also the tourism ambassador of Japan, given the character's popularity. Now banking on the same, she is on YouTube sharing her wide variety of interests. Hello Kitty is also seen adorning the bullet trains in Japan. The first video is 5 minutes long and sees the cat speaking about her dreams to become a YouTuber. Like a true YouTuber, she asks fans to like and subscribe to her channel. And in a day she has got over 15,000 subscribers already. Peppa Pig Videos Banned in China for Being Associated With Gangster Culture, Douyin Removes All Videos. 

Take a look at Hello Kitty's first video on YouTube:

She speaks of how much conviction it took to impress her brand, Sanrio which owns the franchise to take to the digital space. She speaks like a motivational speaker about taking the leap and following the dreams. Sure, her die-hard fans would be impressed. Hello Kitty is already aiming at some collaborations. The content of this channel is not yet known.

Japan has quite a popularity of virtual bloggers. Kizuna AI started the trend early this year. For that matter, the Barbie doll has been a vlogger for several tears too. With more and more kids turning to YouTube channels for entertainment, Hello Kitty will sure have her little fans tuning in.