Aliens Did Visit The Earth? Newly Spotted UFO by Car Passengers Sparks Another Discussion
The mysterious object is said to be a UFO (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The discovery of aliens has always been a mystery. Leaving the scientific discoveries alone, there are various groups that are tracking the Unidentified Flying Objects and looking for clues. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is one such network and a recent video that was put up there has once again sparked the discussion about the existence of aliens. This video was apparently captured by a car passenger which shows bizarre flying object hovering in the skies. Two Aliens Spotted in UFO over Turkey With Government Verifying The Footage as Genuine, Watch Video.

If you look closely into the video, there is a clear sky and the camera zooms into a weird object. The object in the sky resembles a flying saucer, more like what we have seen in several Hollywood flicks. Soon after the video came online, conspiracy theorists got to work. There were allegations that the spaceship was actually of extra-terrestrials hiding from the general public. The video once up on YouTube has gathered close to 7,000 views.

Check out the video of spotted UFO: 

The comments on this video have similar enthusiasts discussing possibilities of aliens existing. A YouTube user commented, "Nice, they're getting closer to us than ever before," commented Broly Smash. And every conspiracy theory has a counter view. So people have refuted the alien angle, calling it resembling a balloon or a kite. But those who have a belief or are eager to see aliens are convinced that the UFO had the extra-terrestrials. What do you think about this now? Do you believe in this UFO or could it be just a balloon as some say?