How many asteroids are coming our way? Amid all the problems that we have faced in 2020, there are constant reports of asteroid flybys to the planet. And we have another one coming in this weekend. A huge asteroid named 2000 WO107 is approaching the Earth over the next two days. As per NASA, it is a "Near Earth" Asteroid and will pass from a close distance but have no chances of hitting the planet. So no, there's no doomsday happening with this one. Although there are reports about massive asteroid Apophis to bring doomsday in the year 2068. Let us know more about this big, long space rock.

Asteroid 2000 WO107 is a huge rock anywhere between 1,200 feet to 2,5700 ft across. And with a diameter of 0.51 kilometers it is as big as the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa! This space rock is travelling at a whooping speed of 90,000 km per hour. Luckily, it will pass from a safe distance of the planet, about 4.2 million kilometres away. This is about 11 times the distance between the Earth and Moon. However, in space measurements, this is a pretty close distance. This asteroid will make its flyby at around 10:09 AM GMT on November 29 ie 3:30 PM in IST. This asteroid is being tracked since 2000 by scientists in New Mexico. On November 14 too, we saw a massive asteroid flying past the planet.

Objects that come within a specific distance to the planet Earth are classified as Near-Earth Objects by NASA. So this huge rock is also a NEO. The space agency has been tracking thousands of such space rocks in the atmosphere, keeping an eye if any of them reaches too close to the Earth's orbit. These are dubbed as Potentially Hazardous Asteroid. Although there is no reason to worry about 2000 WO107 as it will safely fly past the planet.

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