California Sky Witnesses a Mysterious Light; NASA Confirms It to Be a Meteor (See Viral Photos & Videos)
California Sky Witnesses Meteor (Photo Credits: @tvzuke/ Twitter)

Individuals around the world are celebrating the first day of winter. The solstice which happened at the exact moment, though the local time varied of the 24 time zones, the people are captivated in the celestial phenomenon. However, the Californian sky witnessed something unusual on Wednesday, December 19 during the busy evening commute. The ring with a tail shaped mysterious light reportedly left many puzzled as many took to Twitter to share pictures and videos. It even excited the UFO phenomenon enthusiasts. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) confirms it to be a shooting star. First Day of Winter 2018: Twitterati Welcomes the Holiday Season After Winter Solstice With Most Cheerful Messages. 

Scientists say that the meteors often hit every day around the world. The American Meteor Society in just a day of the occurrence, had received over 120 reports and studied 45 photos about the bright light. They reported that the meteor travelled from the northeast to the southwest before ending, “somewhere in the Pacific Ocean in front of the San Francisco Bay,” as reported by various media outlets. December Cold Moon: Moonrise Timings and Reason Why Full Moon Will be Brighter From The First Day of Winter. 

Here Is a Viral Photo of the Meteor!

A Closer Look to the California Sky..

Even after NASA’s confirmation to the phenomenon being a meteor, people were still sceptical about it because the light made a swirl instead of a straight line as gravity pulled the meteor down. In a 2012 article, the space agency explained that meteors smoke could cause a strange-looking noctilucent cloud (NLC) in the sky. It further wrote, “They look alien. The electric-blue ripples and pale tendrils of NLCs reaching across the night sky resemble something from another world.”