First Day of Winter 2018: Twitterati Welcomes the Holiday Season After Winter Solstice With Most Cheerful Messages
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The weekend is extraordinary for us. The first day of winter 2018 is here! The long and dark nights of the winter will get a little brighter, thanks to the full moon on December 22, Winter Solstice. We will view the shortest day and longest night of the year, officially welcoming the winter season. All the regions in the Northern Hemisphere have cheerfully greeted the first day of winter 2018, and the experience has been mighty. The solstice happens at the same moment around the world, though the local time depends on which of the 24 time zones. India witnesses the astronomical phenomenon at the early hours at 3:53 am on December 22, when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun. Watch Historic Live Stream of Natural Wonder, Full Moon and Meteor Shower From Newgrange in Ireland. 

This year’s Solstice will coincide with a full cold moon. According to, the last time a full moon matched with the winter solstice was in 2010, and it is not expected to happen again until 2094. This makes 2018 Winter Solstice extra-special. The sunset will be very early today. Know All About The Shortest Day and Longest Night of the Year in Northern Hemisphere, Watch Video. 

Twitterati Cheerfully Welcomes the Winter!

Hello Winter...

Welcoming the First Day of Winter!

At the same time, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing their summer which marks the longest day of the year. Again, some places in the very high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere have experienced little or no sunlight at all. As the solstice has begun, we cannot wait to view the big, bright and full moon of December 2018.

Are You Waiting for Ursid Meteor Shower Too?

Also, the Ursid meteor shower will peak early, giving skywatchers an opportunity to catch a few shooting stars in the night sky. However, scientists believe that the meteors could be hard to spot as the bright light of the full moon will steal the show. Nonetheless, it is the beautiful time of the year and nature’s way of reminding us that even in the darkest of time, there is indeed light.