Snapchat in Trouble! Chrissy Teigen Quits Popular App Following Rihanna Scandal
Chrissy Teigen Quits Snapchat (Photo Credits: christine teigen/Twitter and Snapchat Community)

Los Angeles, March 25: Model Chrissy Teigen has decided to quit Snapchat after Rihanna accused the company of shaming victims of domestic abuse. Rihanna had blasted the messaging app over an advertisement that sought to promote domestic violence and referenced her 2009 assault by Chris Brown.

The advertisement, made for the promotion of the mobile game Would You Rather? asked users which of the artists they would prefer to hit. "Slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown," the tagline on the ad stated, apparently in reference to Brown's conviction for assaulting Rihanna in 2009 while they were dating.

''I stopped using snap. The update, the constant complaints of people not being able to find me, plus the Rihanna poll... no bueno (sic)'' Teigen wrote on Twitter. Snap Inc subsequently apologised for the ad and confirmed that it had launched an investigation into the issue.