British Prime Minister Theresa May Warns MPs: It's My Deal, No Deal, or No Brexit
File image of UK Prime Minister Theresa May (Photo Credits: PTI)

British members of parliament are set to vote on Theresa May’s negotiated Brexit deal on Tuesday. On Monday, the embattled British prime minister issued a last minute appeal to parliament to back her, urging MPs to “take a second look” at her deal and stressing that it was the only option on the table that could deliver an “orderly” exit from the EU.

May also said she was looking to "close the debate" on Brexit. "What is important is that we deliver on the result of the referendum," the prime minister said, arguing any attempt to stay in the bloc would be a betrayal of the British electorate.

Tuesday's vote comes two years after 52% of the British people voted to leave the European Union. It also comes after two years of hard-negotiations and new formulation of policy to allow the UK to exit the trading bloc.

However, Theresa May is likely to lose the vote on her negotiated deal in the British parliament as there are many within her own party who feel the deal does not go far in enough in separating the British economy from the EU. There are also many who feel that May has not negotiated hard enough to gain more concessions from the EU countries. Separately, her deal is also opposed by parties like the Labour Party who believe the referendum itself is a mistake and that the UK should remain in the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party said the prime minister had comprehensively failed to scare his MPs into voting for her deal. “Theresa May has attempted to blackmail Labour MPs to vote for her botched deal by threatening the country with the chaos of no deal,” he said. “I know from conversations with colleagues that this has failed. The Labour party will not be held to ransom.”

The Labour Party has also announced their intentions of calling for a vote of no confidence in the government soon after the Brexit vote – as soon as Tuesday night which could lead to fresh general elections in the country.