Canada: Fredericton Police Say 'No Further Threat to Public' After 4 Killed in Mass Shooting on Brookside Drive, Suspect Held
Image of an ambulance from near the incident spot in Fredericton | (Photo Credits: CTV)

Toronto, August 10: Canada's Fredericton Police has confirmed in a tweet that there is "no further threat to the public, and lockdowns are not required at this time," after four people, including two Fredericton police officers died and multiple fatalities were reported in a shooting incident that took place on Friday morning around 9.30 am (Canada Time) on Brookside Drive.

Earlier, people were requested to stay indoors by the Fredericton police. Due to the volume of calls, the Fredericton Police requested the people to "refrain from calling the police station directly, and in case of emergency continue to call 9-1-1." Fredericton Police, in their latest tweet, have confirmed that out of the four killed in "this morning's shootings on Brookside Drive", two were Fredericton police officers. But their names are not being released as of now, considering the difficult time for the deceased officers' family.

As per the latest update, the Fredericton Police in a twitter post, said that "At this time we can confirm that we have one suspect in custody. Police continue to have the Brookside area contained for the foreseeable future as the investigation is ongoing. Please continue to avoid the area and follow us for the facts."

The Fredericton police has also requested people to refrain from putting up pictures and videos of the place, as it is an ongoing operation.

Fredericton Police tweeted saying "We are asking people to avoid the area of Brookside Drive this morning due to an ongoing incident. We will provide more details as soon as we can."

The Fredericton police, in another Twitter post, wrote that "police Re: Shooting. At this time, we can confirm multiple fatalities. The incident is ongoing. More information will be available when we can. Please continue to avoid the area of Brookside Drive between Main and Ring Road."

The Fredericton Police requested the people to avoid the conflict area. "Please continue to avoid the area of Brookside Drive between Main and Ring Road. An incident has resulted in at least four people killed. More information will be available when we can confirm," tweeted Fredericton Police.

Meanwhile, City of Fredericton official Twitter account, tweeted that "Transit routes 12N Brookside and 13S Prospect are being rerouted from Maple Street, south on Fulton, west on MacFarlane to Shute Street, right on Brookside Drive, left on Hawkins and returning at that point to the regular route. Same for southbound route 13S Prospect." The tweet also said that "No Transit service will be provided north of Maple Street and Hawkins Street in the Brookside Drive area until further notice."

City of Fredericton, in its latest tweet, informed that the "Fredericton Public Library – Nashwaaksis is currently closed pending instructions from police. Please call for more information 453-3241." A local TV reporter said he heard four gunshots. Video footage of the scene was posted on Twitter, showing emergency vehicles outside a house, according to news agency IANS.