Eid al-Adha 2018: Dozen Missiles Fired Near Presidential Palace in Kabul, Watch Video of Counterattack
A pair of rockets fired towards the presidential palace during a live broadcast by Ashraf Ghani to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha | (Photo Credits: Youtube Screengrab)

Kabul, July 21: In a massive missile attack in Afghanistan, at least a dozen missiles have been reportedly fired in Kabul. The target area of the attacks was the diplomatic zone and the missiles reportedly landed near the presidential palace in the capital city.

Reports say that the attack happened when Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani was speaking at an Eid prayer ahead of the Eid Al Adha.

The rockets, which landed in  four different parts of Kabul, were launched on Tuesday morning, reported Tolo. The missiles landed close to the diplomatic area and some missiles reportedly landed near the presidential palace.

Reports said that at least a dozen missiles were fired which exploded in Kabul. The report also mentions that locals speculate there might have been about 20 missile attacks.

A Combat helicopter fired on insurgent hideout in Kabul city after a group launched a massive rocket attack on the Presidential Palace and diplomatic zone. Watch the video below:

Two insurgents were killed by the security forces in an attack, said Tolo in its report.

The sound of the blasts could be heard as Ghani spoke live on television. "If they (militants) think this nation would bow under the rocket attacks, this is a brave, and standing nation and forever will defend its sovereignty, independence and Islamic values," Ghani said after the explosions. He assured that Afghan security forces "have full readiness and this (explosions) and other incidents will be controlled".