Imran Khan Set to be Pakistan PM, Says 'India, Pak Must Solve Kashmir Issue Through Dialogue'
Pakistan's PM- Elect Imran Khan Addresses Media | (Photo Credits: ANI)

Islamabad, July 26: Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf party, is set to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. In his first address to the media as Pakistan's Prime Minister- Elect, Imran Khan spoke at length about Pakistan's foreign policy and its relations with the neigbouring countries. Notably, India was the last country that Imran spoke about. He started with China, Afghanistan, America and spoke about Pakistan's relations with Iran and Middle East, calling them "very important." Finally, while talking about India, Imran laid special emphasis on Kashmir and said that the Kashmir issue cannot be solved through the army.

Imran also said that trade relations between India and Pakistan must improve for better relations between India and Pakistan. The PTI leader said that initiative has to be taken by India as well for improving relations and called for peace between India and Pakistan for the betterment of the sub-continent.

Calling Mohammad Ali Jinnah as his leader, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief and Prime Ministerial hopeful Imran Khan, while addressing media, has said that his 22 years of political struggle has been successful and has thanked the people of Balochistan for their support.

Imran Khan, on his idea of Pakistan said that we are responsible for the entire society of Pakistan. Catch the entire speech of Imran Khan below:

Imran, thanking God, said that all the policies we frame, will be made with a focus on the weaker section of the society which includes labour and farmers. Imran claimed that 45 per cent of Pakistani children have stunted growth. He also spoke on the non-availability of dirty water in Pakistan and said that his party would work on improving the human development index factors in Pakistan.

Imran Khan pledged to reduce the taxes so that the people of Pakistan have more money with them. He also said that the Prime Minister's house is too big and it will be seen if it can be be turned into an educational institution. Imran praised China.

Imran emphasized on fiscal factor and wealth generation saying that, we have to provide and increase employment for the people of Pakistan. He pledged to strengthen the institutions of Pakistan, and small industries.

Talking on foreign policy of Pakistan, he said that "Our relations with our neighbours must improve. Our first neighbour is China, and it has uplifted 70 crore people from poverty. I will learn from them how to reduce poverty in China. China has also showed the way how to deal with China. The second country is Afghanistan. If there is peace in Afghanistan, there will be peace in Pakistan."

Talking on America, Imran said that there should be a balanced relation with America. He also mentioned Iran and Saudi Arabia, and said that the tensions in middle east have to be reduced. Talking on India, Imran said that "I have been disappointed because the Indian media potrayed me as a Bollywood villian." Imran said that the more trade between India and Pakistan, the better the relations between both the countries. Talking on Kashmir, Imran said that if "Indian government is ready to improve relations, we will co-operate. If India walks one steps, Pakistan will take two." Pakistan's PM-Elect Imran Khan added that the relations between India and Pakistan is important to maintain stability in the sub-continent. He ended his speech by thanking the people of Pakistan and promised to work for the masses of Pakistan.