On New Year Day 2019, Florida Man Shot Wife & In-Laws After Discovering Her Sex Tape With His Best Friend
William Brian Stillwell With His Wife & Twin Kids (Photo Credits: Facebook)

The New Year’s Day turned to a horrible nightmare to a Florida family. This 39-year-old man has now been taken to the police custody for allegedly shooting three people—his wife and in-laws on January 1. The reason behind his brutal act reportedly was a sex tape of his spouse and his best friend. He got so furious that he opened fire using a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. His 5-year-old twins were running for help and thankfully were stated safe unharmed by the man. ' Needles Found in Grapes by a Pregnant Woman in Melbourne. 

The accused identified as 39-year-old William Brian Stillwell by WFTV, showed up at a backyard gathering where his children were present and opened fire on the New Year’s Day. In a call to 911, the police could hear Stillwell in the background accusing his wife of cheating while his son and daughter pleaded him to stop shooting. “No, daddy. No. I don’t want anyone to die,” one of the children reportedly said. The three injured adults were rushed to the hospital in stable condition. Stillwell’s wife and mother-in-law underwent surgery while the father-in-law has been discharged. 3-Year-Old Boy Choked to Death Eating 12 Grapes Following New Year Spanish Tradition. 

The report further stated that Stillwell surrendered to police and was booked on charges for attempted murder and child abuse. He later revealed to the detectives that he saw a video on his wife’s phone of her having sex with his best friend before he shot her family. Following further investigations, the police authorities noted that the wife was experiencing marital trouble and has recently moved in with her friends.