3-Year-Old Boy Choked to Death Eating 12 Grapes Following New Year Spanish Tradition
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We have entered the New Year 2019. Where people are not yet over from their crazy hangovers, others have come across some fatal incidents. The traditions that people follow welcoming the new year did not really go well with some families. At Spain, a three-year-old was choked to death after eating 12 grapes at speed in their old-style way as the clock strikes the midnight. Soon after the incident, the police reportedly rushed to the northern Spanish city of Gijon in the early minutes of 2019. The younger one was raced to the city’s Jove hospital, but the doctors were unsuccessful in reviving him. 5 Most Bizarre Traditions To Welcome New Year From Around the World. 

The young boy was given the grapes by his parents to ring in the New Year. The minor’s parents informed the police that he was not breathing and had no pulse. The Sun reported that the child was from a migrant family from Ecuador. Many parts across the globe believe in some of kind of traditions or the other which they religiously follow every year on the New Year Eve. Several incidents over the years have been reported, but there has not been any to such bizarre practices. The Spanish believe that eating of 12 grapes as the clock chimes each stroke of midnight ward off bad fortunes. Wisconsin Drunk Reveller Enters Wrong Home After 2019 New Year Party, Sleeps in Bed With Dog. 

The superstition states each grape represent one of the good months ahead. Families do not let very young children, especially the ones below five years, participate. The kids are particularly at risk due to their small airways and teeth as well as their capacity for distraction while eating. The smooth surface of grapes allows them to completely block the respiratory tract and make extraction very difficult without the right tools. Doctors advise to cut them up before feeding to the young children.