Washington, August 18: Indian-American Kamala Harris, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate (vice presidential candidate) for the November 3 election, has chosen "Pioneer" as her code name for Secret Service. Kamal Harris was given a list approved by the White House Communications Agency for Secret Service call sign, and she picked "Pioneer". Presidential candidate Joe Biden has retained "Celtic" which he had when he served as vice-president under the Obama administration. Who is Kamala Harris? Know All About The Indian-American Senator Who Has Been Nominated by Joe Biden as Vice Presidential Candidate For US Elections 2020.

US President, US First Lady, members of the First Family and presidential and vice-presidential candidates get code names or call sign for Secret Service. They choose code names that resonate with them personally. US President Donald Trump's code name is "Mogul". First Lady Melania Trump's Secret Service code name is "Muse". Here's a list of code names picked by former US Presidents, First Ladies, Vice Presidents and prominent candidates. 'Victorious' Kamala Harris's Poster Crops Up in Tamil Nadu, Says Her Niece Meena.

  • Barack Obama: Renegade
  • Michelle Obama: Renaissance
  • Eleanor Roosevelt: Rover
  • John F. Kennedy: Lancer
  • Jackie Kennedy: Lace
  • Jimmy Carter: Deacon
  • Bill Clinton: Eagle
  • Hillary Clinton: Evergreen
  • George H W Bush: Timberwolf
  • Barbara Bush: Tranquility
  • George W Bush: Trailblazer
  • Richard Nixon – Searchlight
  • Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
  • Spiro Agnew – Pathfinder
  • Walter Mondale – Cavalier
  • Nelson Rockefeller – Sandstorm
  • Mike Pence – Hoosier
  • Dick Cheney – Angler

In 2016 US Presidential Elections, Democrat Hillary Clinton received 2.1 percent more votes nationally than Donald Trump, but was defeated because in the electoral college Trump had 304 electors to her 227. This time, the fight is between Trump and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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