New Delhi, January 19: As many as 4,936 healthcare workers received the COVID-19 vaccine shots in Delhi on the third scheduled day of the immunisation exercise in the national capital on Tuesday, a marked increase from the previous day, according to data shared by officials. However, the number of people who were vaccinated on Tuesday was only 48 per cent of the targeted figure of 10,125, as per the data.

"On day three of the vaccination drive in Delhi, 4,936 people were administered corona vaccine. AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) were reported in 16 persons," a senior official of Delhi health department said.

Under the nationwide mega vaccination drive launched on Saturday, a total of 4,319 health workers (53 per cent of the target of 8,117) were administered the vaccines at 81 centres across the city on day one.

While there was no vaccination scheduled on Sunday, as many as 3,598 healthcare workers were vaccinated on Monday, the second scheduled day for the inoculation drive. COVID-19 Vaccination: Adverse Events 0.18% Following Immunisation, 2 Deaths Unrelated, Says Health Ministry.

The sharp fall had come after one severe and 50 minor cases were reported, following the vaccination drive on Saturday. According to data shared by officials, the Monday target in Delhi was 8,136, thus only 44 per cent of that was reached.

Various reasons are being attributed to the low turnout, including some technical issues and fears related to adverse events. However, the government has maintained that no case of serious/severe AEFI (adverse events following immunisation) is attributable to vaccination till date.

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