Bengaluru, June 20: A partial solar eclipse will be visible in the city on Sunday from 10:12 am to 1:31 pm, the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium has said.

The maximum, around 40 per cent eclipse will be visible at 11:47 am, the Planetarium has said on its website.

The eclipsing sun should not be seen without protective and safety equipment, it said. The planetarium said, due to restrictions in force for COVID-19, no arrangement is made for the public to view the eclipse from its campus. Solar Eclipse 2020: List of Places in India Where 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Will be Visible on June 21.

However, the planetarium is making arrangements for an online webcast of the partial solar eclipse and it can be seen at www., its Facebook and Youtube channel subject to favourable weather conditions, it added. Solar Eclipse 2020 Date, Time & Other FAQs: From ‘What Is an Annular Solar Eclipse?’ to ‘Can We Sleep During Surya Grahan’ Most Asked Questions on June 21 Celestial Event Answered.

Meanwhile, several prominent temples in the state including Bengaluru will remain closed during the eclipse hours on Sunday. Officials have said temples will open post eclipse hours and certain special rituals will be performed.

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