New Delhi, November 5: The act of gifting is a special one. Even a little thoughtful token goes a long way to express that you love and care. On the occasion of Bhai Dooj 2021, here's a list of thoughtful gifts to express your love and care for your brother or sister. Bhai Dooj 2021 Greetings & Bhaubeej Wishes in Marathi: WhatsApp Messages, Quotes, Photos, Wallpapers and SMS To Celebrate Bhai Tika Festival.

1. Gift Cards And Vouchers

Since gift cards and vouchers allow the other person to actually choose the gift they'd want, this present is perfect for a choosy sibling, whose likes and dislikes are not clearly known. Gift vouchers of brands are sure to impress and the amount of the voucher can be adjusted according to budget. Bhai Dooj 2021 Celeb-Inspired Looks: Revamp Your Festive Outfits With These DIY Hacks.

2. Cook Something For Them

This one is perfect for those who are low on budget and have some time in their hands. Cooking your sibling's favourite meal would be a beautiful sentimental gesture. Though it might be tricky to hide this gift in advance. Still, this gesture is sure to impress, especially if you hardly cook in general.

3. Prank Gifts

A perfect gift for a sibling is to start off with some prank gift, but make sure to follow it with some good present. Fun, prank gifts could be empty boxes wrapped up with lots of gift papers or prank boxes that blow up with a loud boom sound or smoke when you open them. The options are endless when it comes to teasing your sibling.

4. Write a Letter

Writing a letter is and perhaps will always be one of the sweetest gestures ever. Plus, it won't cost a penny, working best for those tight on budget. However, for this gift, little writing skills and time are required. Plus, this gesture might not work for siblings who find heartfelt letters 'too cheesy' or awkward. But if they appreciate these kinds of gifts, then a great letter can make them laugh and cry and brim their hearts with love.

The letter can comprise of all the great, little things to thank your sibling for, things that are often left unacknowledged in day-to-day life. The letter can be handwritten on paper, or in the form of a card, or a surprise e-mail or WhatsApp message.

5. Personalised Basket of Favourite Things

This might require some budget, though the kind of things that make this basket and the size of the basket can always be adjusted according to spending capacity.

If it's food, then fill it up with your sibling's favourite things to eat or maybe bulk up on their one most favourite chips or chocolate or anything else they love to binge.

Basket items can comprise gadgets, toiletries, stationery, makeup, jewellery or anything else that your sibling is fond of. Make sure to keep the items personalised, so that the gift remains thoughtful.

6. That Thing on Their Wishlist

People often have fancy items lying around in their online shopping carts or wishlists which they would love to buy, but usually do not have the budget to splurge.

For those willing to spend some money, surprise your sibling with that thing waiting in their shopping cart, that they have probably been blabbering about for the past two weeks. With these fun, quirky and budget-friendly gift ideas, have a happy and memorable Bhai Dooj with your sibling.

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