Falmouth (England), Jun 10 (AP) A hotel hosting media and security staff for the Group of Seven summit in England has temporarily shut down because of a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Pedn Olva in St. Ives shut down for a deep clean, according to its owners, the St Austell Brewery. The shutdown came after an undisclosed number of staff contracted COVID-19.

The owners said Thursday that the hotel will reopen after the deep clean and after they have enough staff to run it.

G-7 leaders begin three days of meetings Friday in Carbis Bay, a small seaside village.

While locals in the community are accustomed to crowds and traffic in the summer, disruptions caused by the summit are rather more extreme.

Some 5,000 extra police officers have been deployed to the area, and authorities have even hired a cruise ship with a capacity of 3,000 to accommodate some of the extra officers. (AP)

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