Vienna [Austria] July 22 (ANI/FENA): The easing of epidemiological measures in Austria announced for July 22 will not apply to Vienna. Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig has announced an extension of protection measures due to the growing number of new cases of coronavirus infection.

"We must do everything to keep the number of newly infected as low as possible. High numbers have consequences for Vienna's economy and employment," Ludwig said. It is still mandatory to wear FFP2 masks in all stores as well as at indoor cultural events.

Testing of the population with free PCR tests by gargling continues, which makes Vienna a pioneer in Europe. "Our example is already being followed by many countries and cities both inside and outside the country," Ludwig added.

According to him, the offer for vaccination will be further expanded, because vaccination is the most powerful instrument in the fight against the pandemic, reports Eurocomm-PR Sarajevo, the Network for International Communication of the City of Vienna.

At the same time, controls in night gastronomy will continue so that the new strain does not lead to new restrictions on freedoms.

"The continuation of protective measures in Vienna should lead us to a common goal, which is to overcome the pandemic as well as possible," Ludwig stressed. (ANI/FENA)

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