About Dr Zori Rabinovitz

Dr. Zori Rabinovitz D.M.D., M.S. and Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology is a renowned periodontist with three practices in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. Zori became a partner of Dr. Malcom Cushing's practice in 2005, and subsequently sole owner of the practice in 2007 after Dr. Cushing retired. Ever since, Dr. Rabinovitz developed the practice with philosophy and patient care at the forefront.  With a desire to attend to every patient with personal and direct care, he could now treat his clients like friends and family. Rabinovitz decided to specialize in periodontics as opposed to general dentistry due to his favoring of interdisciplinary modalities. His passion for nuanced doctor-patient communication and professional teamwork makes periodontics the perfect specialty for him. Being able to help his own family and seeing the trust and understanding exhibited towards him from his growing clientele continues to assure Dr. Rabinovitz of his success in the industry. 

Helping You Get That Perfect Smile

Aware of the desire for a perfect smile, Dr. Rabinovitz is no stranger to a request for a smile like Julia Robers or Robin William's. However, most people are most concerned with the symmetry of their smiles. Dr. Rabinovitz knows it's not just in the smile; it's how well the person expresses their emotions that enable the smile to convey it's most authentic beauty. Nowadays, he's seeing orthodontic procedures like Invisalign becoming increasingly popular. People want to correct the horizontal alignment of their teeth and resolve problems with crowding. The desire for frontal symmetry means procedures such as root coverage and crown lengthening are becoming increasingly popular. As well as equipping you with the perfect smile, Dr. Rabinovitz gets to the root of the problem and urges people to be aware of their jaw clenching habits.

Debunking The Myths

A dedicated career in periodontists means Dr. Rabinovitz has had clients that have encountered false information over the years. The most notable of these being:

  • That you cannot get implants if you lost your teeth many years ago.
  • That an aesthetically ideal implant can replace every tooth.
  • That every implant will look better than the original tooth.

There is also a widely perpetuated belief that patients who couldn't get dental implants years ago can now get dental implants due to advancements in 3D imaging and bone grafting. 

Addressing The Pandemic

The pandemic has taken its toll on the periodontal industry. Dr. Rabinovitz is one of the doctors facing postponements of procedures and implementing additional safety measures to be COVID compliant. While it's been difficult, he's keen for life to return to "normal" for his patients and staff. The installation of extraoral vacuums with a 0.01 microns filtration level and the continued use of iodine-based oral rinses and hand sanitizers from Iotech International that eliminate all viruses in 30 seconds means procedures have been able to commence since July of 2020. Dr. Zori Rabinovitz is keen to help those facing newly arisen medical problems and those who desire a better smile after dealing with one of the world's darkest times.



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