Jaime and Janse are on their way to provide free virtual contact cards powered by their tech firm TapTok.

Most of the entrepreneurs in this world have spent long working hours to reach their desired success; however, only a few rare gems in the business world have been able to gain what their heart has sought. Jaime Manteiga and Janse Lazo are two high-performing and incredibly talented entrepreneurs who have been reaching the skies with their skills, knowledge, instincts and passion in the IT and the digital space.

Both these outstanding business personalities and innovators explain what could turn individuals towards entrepreneurial success.

• Bring in the right people: Often, entrepreneurs have great ideas, but some of them find it difficult to implement the same. There might be many other limitations as well that may pose as a hurdle in their way. Hence, Jaime Manteiga suggests people to hire and bring in the right people in the company who can understand the aim and visions of the firm and can embrace new technologies for a better tomorrow for the company.

• Use the right tools: What better than adopting a new technology solution like TapTok for contactless contact sharing, asks Janse Lazo. Using tech tools like these can help entrepreneurs to always stay up on their game. This will help them acquire customers as TapTok, entirely transforms the way networking is done.

• Develop a mindset for change: In the new tech era, when there are tech solutions like TapTok, Jaime suggests people to take a step forward to be a part of this change and also develop a mindset for change. This will help entrepreneurs to always embrace new things that can help them become more proficient and efficient in business.

Speaking about TapTok, Jaime Manteiga says, “We have created it as a contactless business card, appearing like a hi-tech version of the traditional card, without the need to give it to anyone. Entrepreneurs can tap someone’s NFC-enabled device like a smartphone and transmit the information instantly contained in the card. We have also offered the service of updating the information, however, often one desire.” Adding further on the same, Janse explains that TapTok also comes in a version called TapTok Dots that stands completely different from a business card. People can place them on the backside of their phones and transmit contact information instantly.

What’s even more amazing is that Jaime Manteiga has also come up with TapTok’s free virtual contact cards, helping people to create a custom profile, enabling them to share any sort of information with many other salient features. Want to know more? Visit the website, https://taptok.shop/.