Valentine’s Day is almost here, and many of you may wonder if you’ll be spending it alone---again. This is the time of year when the usual dating sites get flooded with a barrage of panicking singles. But from experience, you know most of these sites are filled with people who think lude pics will lure you in. If this is not your style, maybe it’s time to try a different approach with JustKibbitz.

The best way to relieve the pressure of the overly commercial Valentine’s Day is to let someone else be your matchmaker. I know! Now, you think you’d rather take a trailer hitch to the shin. Well, never fear. JustKibbitz is exactly what you need and will spare you the bruises.

You know that saying, ‘Mother knows best,’ right? This philosophy is precisely the concept behind the most innovative Jewish dating site available today. With JustKibbitz, the pressure is off because your Yenta gets to choose the right date for you.

Don’t overreact. After you get past the ”Oh, HECK NO!” initial reaction, just think about it. This approach to dating makes a lot of sense. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in one ‘type’ of person that they have blinders on regarding other possibilities. The tragic part of this situation is it sets them up to keep entertaining the same dead-end dates and relationships. The only way to break the cycle is to let the person who knows you best decide who is best for you.

Ok, don’t worry that your overly intrusive mom will go behind your back and set you up. You do have to give consent for this service. Now that you are ready to put this important decision in your Yenta’s hands, you must trust her to create a killer profile that will advertise your best assets.

Your online presence will attract ‘matches’ the same way other dating websites work. But here’s the difference---you don’t have to stress over the ‘choosing’ part of the process. You don’t even have to plan or pay for the date. Do I have your interest now?

That’s right, all of the usual pressures associated with other dating sites are eliminated from the equation. If this seems weird to you, it shouldn’t. Jeffery Kaplan, creator of JustKibbitz, reports that about 50 percent of millennials would let their parents set them up on a date. But when you add that the parents are also planning and paying for the date, the number jumps to 92 percent.

Even better, the dates are simple with no pressure. The word “kibbitz” means “chit-chat” in Yiddish. The dates are all designed around the ultimate environment for chit-chat---a coffee date. Here’s how it works:

Both parties’ parents pay for a Starbucks gift card that is sent to each participating person. Once the two parties are together, the cards are activated and used for their date. How bad can a coffee date be? As Kaplan puts it, “It’s no pressure, just kibbitz!”

If you think you’re ready to try the latest trend in Jewish dating, give your mom the green light to set you up on the best Valentine’s Day date ever. Let’s face it, you’re still single and have not had that much luck in this department so far. That’s reason enough to trust the saying, “Mother knows best.”

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