Disha Patani's Hot Diwali Photoshoot In A Sports Bra Tampered With For Sensational Effect and We Have A Proof!
Who tampered with Disha Patani's Pics? (Image Credit: Twitter)

One thing that grabs us by the..err collar about Disha Patani is her million dollar smile, always! We track Patani wherever she goes, the peeps she hangs out with and the distant locales she chooses for her much-discussed vacay. So in our trail to find out latest on the hottie we discovered something really strange that had us shocked!

What was supposed to be a hot shoot created for Disha's fans has apparently turned into a wardrobe tampering saga. Look closely and you will find out the very design of Disha's outfit has been tampered with. Either to accentuate her curves or to cover something that was apparently looking revealing, Disha's sports bra and her upper body is photoshopped, one can argue! We think Calvin Klein should take note of this as well as their very own design has been  tampered with oh-so-badly! Disha Patani Gets Slammed for Wearing a Sports Bra with her Diwali Outfit - See Pic Inside

Is it the result of the same frame being captured from different angles? Or has some 'adjustment' job done either for making the frame look hotter or in order to do the cover-up job? We are not sure if these are two different pictures because every other element remains the same, exact and ditto barring Patani's upper bod.

We are not the only one to lay our eyes on this 'tampered with' photoshoot. Netizens and Disha's fans too could find out the difference between the two pics which is so obvious. The creative genius behind these artistic doings failed to understand that they have also changed the very design of the reputed and high-end brand in the process. Tch what these images has drawn from us, for sure!