Shah Rukh Khan Jokes About Joining Politics, Even Reveals His Party Symbol
Shah Rukh Khan in TED Talks. (photo credits:

There's nothing really that Shah Rukh Khan can't do. You ask him to woo ladies with his actions or polite words, and he would say, it's as easy as one, two, three. The actor who's probably the most loved in the nation and internationally as well, would make for a great politician, right? After all, he enjoys the tremendous support of his fans and he's already too sharp and witty. But is SRK even ready for this next big step? Is he willing to don a politician's hat after being an actor and producer? Not really! 7 Savage Responses Given By Shah Rukh Khan During his Latest #AskSRK Session on Twitter That Will Have You in Splits!

Recently in an interview to NDTV, the Raees star teased his fans with his thoughts about joining politics. He said “I would love to do everything for the country, in terms of the job I do. As an entertainer, I would love to do it. But, politics is a specialised field. Rajni Sir, I know, feels for it as well as Kamal Sir. I have had chats with them for years. And they really, genuinely feel, even before they joined politics. Both of them were in the public field helping people socially. I think they are more aware of the aspect and it seems like a natural progression. And they want to do things for people.”

He further continued, “Not that I don’t want to and not that I am not loved by people. I think it’s a specialised field. I don’t have that much knowledge of being part of politics. I think you need to be an expert. Also, I believe you need to be completely selfless and dedicated to working towards making the part of your people have a better life throughout. So I don’t know if I am as strongly selfless about it as yet. I don’t think, I doubt I would be part of politics, he said. However, if there ever comes a day when the star decides to step in, his party symbol would be his signature 'Arms open pose'. Funny but interesting we say!  When Shah Rukh Khan Taught Salman Khan How to Romance Women – Watch Video.

Knowing SRK, you can't be sure when he decides to put a certain plan in motion. After blowing our minds as an actor, he might want to rule our hearts by his great deeds and noble thoughts. Nonetheless, until we hear any official announcement from the actor, we would keep praying for it to happen.