Sushant Singh’s Sister Gets Diagnosed With CIDP, Actor Appeals His Fans to Help Him Find a New Treatment
Sushant Singh (Pic Credit: Sushant Singh Twitter)

Popular actor Sushant Singh recently took to this Twitter account to make an appeal to all his fans. The actor's younger sister is diagnosed with CIDP,  an auto-immune disorder. While there are ways like steroids and immuno - suppressants to treat this disorder, nothing is working out for the actor's sister. However, Sushant hasn't lost any hope and is determined to find other treatments that may cure her. He recently tweeted about her condition and asked fans if they can help him out with the same.


The actor's appeal received a good response as his fans and specialists were able to help him out with their answers and possible solutions. Sushant is now trying to go through numerous solutions that have been offered to him and pick the best that may help his sister. For the ones who don't know, CIDP stands for Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. It is a neurological disorder that targets your body's nerves. Some of its symptoms are feeling tired and having areas of numbness and pain.