Marvel’s Eternals has been the talk of everyone’s mouth on the internet since its release. Fans have been constantly discussing the mixed reception of the film on Twitter, some love it, some hate it. There has been a lot of discussion about the diversity that’s also been portrayed in Eternals. Boasting Marvel’s most diverse cast yet, the film really does a lot for diversity. It doesn’t feel cheap or just there as a studio note, but rather genuine in a lot of cases, well mostly, aside from this one small part. Eternals: Marvel Studios Unveils New Poster Featuring Harish Patel as Karun From the Superhero Film!

In Eternals, the primary romance is between the characters of Ikaris and Sersi. Being lovers for many years, their story goes through different periods in history. A scene that takes place during the Gupta Empire, we see Ikaris and Sersi get married in a Hindu ceremony. What has been bugging fans so much is how the couple shared a kiss at the end of the ceremony because it is not a norm in Hindu tradition. Here are some Twitter reactions regarding the scene.

While of course there are fans taking an issue with it, there are some who are open about it too. Here are some tweets about it.

This is not the first time Indian Marvel fans have taken an issue with Eternals. Kumail Nanjiani who plays the role of Kingo in Eternals has a Bollywood dance scene. The dance scene in particular didn’t feel natural and felt like someone's imagination of what Bollywood might be like. Here are some reactions to it.

While yes, Eternals might have messed up a bit over here, the conservation still doesn’t detract from the fact that the movie still does a lot for diversity. Eternals Movie Review: Chloe Zhao's Marvel Film Offers A Different MCU Experience, Until It Isn't! (LatestLY Exclusive).

Eternals directed by Chloe Zhao is out in theatres right now.

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