Cracks appear to be forming in the seemingly picture-perfect world of Bennifer 2.0. Two years after their surprise Las Vegas wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck face rumours of a bitter split. The once inseparable couple haven't been seen together in over a month, and whispers suggest their marriage is on the rocks. Adding fuel to the fire, a new report alleges that Lopez is seeking a significant portion of Affleck's wealth in a potential divorce settlement, hinting at a potentially messy breakup. This news comes as a shock to fans who were rooting for the couple's fairytale ending after their rekindled romance. Jennifer Lopez Vacations Solo in Italy Amid Rumours of Split With Ben Affleck (View Pics & Watch Video).

As per reports, Affleck, currently filming The Accountant 2, is residing in a rented Brentwood home closer to his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner and their children. Meanwhile, Lopez remains in her Los Angeles home with her twins, Max and Emme. According to Radar Online, Lopez might be seeking a significant portion of Affleck's estimated USD 150 million fortune despite her own wealth exceeding USD 400 million. Some speculate this could be a response to Lopez taking on more financial responsibility during their brief marriage.

As per a source familiar with the situation, Lopez allegedly shouldered the majority of the financial burden during her brief reconciliation with Ben Affleck. The insider claims Affleck was often critical of Lopez's spending habits, painting him as a penny-pincher. In an effort to avoid discord, Lopez reportedly covered most expenses, including private jets, hotels, meals, clothing and even contributed significantly to the purchase of their $60 million mansion. Jennifer Lopez Is ‘Focused on Work’ Amid Rumoured Marital Dispute With Husband Ben Affleck – Reports.

The source suggests Jennifer now feels Affleck owes her for these expenditures. Reports indicate their rumoured split has prompted Lopez to reconsider the relationship, with advice from her family to move on from Affleck and question his commitment. As they spend more time apart, signs of strain are evident: Affleck is seen without his wedding ring, and Lopez focuses on self-care and her career, sharing updates on social media.

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