Mark Ruffalo Just Got ‘Fired’ for Revealing the Title of Avengers 4!
Mark Ruffalo fired from MCU

He did it once again! Mark Ruffalo just can't contain his excitement, right? Bruce Banner aka Hulk aka Mark who was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was asked to reveal the title of Avengers 4 by the host. Now that's his job to question but Mark should know what to answer and when. The actor who looked quite happy and was equally chirpy throughout the episode revealed the upcoming movie's name much to the horror of Marvel and Russo brothers. Result? He was fired from the universe! Avengers 4 Rumoured Title LEAKED and It Sounds Very Very Ominous!

Okay, hold on, this was just a JOKE and we advice you to take it with a pinch of salt. Yes, the actor was on the show and he even revealed the film's name but it was conveniently beeped out from the episode. To make the matter a bit more interesting, Mark indulged in a Twitter conversation with the host to suggest him to edit the title from the final footage! Jimmy further teased Avengers fans by saying that the edit was already done and there's nothing he can do to help him. Russo brother then hit the final nail in the coffin by tweeting that 'Mark, you are fired.Chris Evans Gets Emotional On The Sets Of Avengers 4 As He Plays Captain America For One Last Time - View Tweet.

It's not the first time when Mark has accidentally or intentionally revealed things he wasn't supposed to. "I sort of, in the past, maybe have given up things, spoilers," he told Jimmy Fallon. "I basically spoiled the end of Avengers: Infinity War with Don Cheadle, who will no longer do press with me. I've been put under surveillance by Marvel." The incident was in July 2017. In his interview with Good Morning America, Ruffalo told the interviewer, "Wait 'till you see this next one, half... everybody dies." When he saw the reaction, the actor replied, "Not everybody. Can we rewind that part? Am I in trouble? Is Barry gonna be mad?" Well, we hope the actual footage from Jimmy's episode gets leaked on the internet somehow and we get to hear the title name finally!