Oscars 2019 Best Supporting Actress Winner Predictions: From Emma Stone, Marina De Tavira to Amy Adams, Who Will Win The Trophy at 91st Academy Awards
Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Marina De Tavira | File Image | (Photo Credits: File Image)

For movie lovers across the world, it is that time of the year when Oscars dominates the talk about films and great performances are discussed with  zeal. The 2019 edition of the Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, will mark the 91st edition of the Academy Awards. Considered the most prestigious honour in the movie industry, fans and critics as well as the entire film fraternity looks forward to the awards to see who takes the coveted Golden lady (the trophy statue) home. Like all categories this year, there are some stellar performances nominated for the prize in the Oscars 2019 Best Supporting Actress category and we have a look at the performances to predict who will win the award this season. Oscars 2019 Live Streaming Online: Country-Wise List of Channels That Will Live Telecast 91st Academy Awards.

The performances nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role this year are: Amy Adams for Vice, Marina De Tavira for Roma,  Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk, Emma Stone for The Favourite and Rachel Weisz for The Favourite. Oscars 2019 Top Questions: From ‘Who is Hosting the Oscars?’ to ‘Who Has Won the Most Oscars’, All Your Queries on 91st Academy Awards Answered!

Let us have a brief synopsis of their performances from the films:

1. Amy Adams - VICE

Amy Adams from the film Vice | (Photo Credits: Youtube Screenshot)

Amy Adams has earned a nod from the academy for her turn in the film Vice, where she plays Lynne Cheney, the wife of vice president under George W Bush presidency Dick Cheney, on whose life the film is based. Though the role doesn't really demand Adams to go out of her way, Adams as Lynne manages to bring to life the ambitions and desire for power that Lynne had which was a powerful force behind her husband's political career.

If Dick Cheney helped changed the course of modern American history and the world post 9/11, Lynne certainly changed Dick's life through her influence and Adams manages to establish that on screen with finesse.

2. Marina De Tavira- Roma

Marina de Tavira from the film The Roma | (Photo Credits: Roma)

Marina De Tavira in Roma plays pathos with passion that can justify constant brooding and manic mood swings bordering on violence. Playing the role of a concerned mother and a wife who is witnessing her husband descend into an affair that finally breaks her marriage, Marina De Tavira in Roma conveys the silent yet constant frustrations of women who have to deal with adultery of their husband.

Marina is however adamant to ensure that she brings up the kids in the right way and the scenes where she tells her children that their father had indeed divorced their mom or the famous picture perfect beach scene is heartbreaking and aesthetic.

3.Regina King- If Beale Street Could Talk

Regina King in the film If Beale Street Could Talk | (Photo Credits: Youtube Screenshot)

Regina King's restrained, thoughtful and warm performance in If Beale Street Could Talk is a fine example of what the actress is capable of. The film is based on the acclaimed James Baldwin novel which goes by the same name.

King's won her the New York best supporting actress from the New York Film Critics Circle for her heartwarming turn in "If Beale Street Could Talk," the new romantic drama based on James Baldwin's 1974 novel.

4. Emma Stone- The Favourite

Emma Stone in the film The Favourite | (Photo Credits: Youtube Screenshot)

Emma Stone plays Abigail, the jealous cousin of Lady Sarah played by Rachel Weisz. The Favourite is based on the life of Queen Anne (Olivia Colman), who is heavily dependent on Rachel Weisz. However, things change when Abigail (Emma Stone) comes into the scene.

After Abigail's entry, the film becomes a story of one-upwomanship between the characters of Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz to gain the attention and favour of Queen Anne, which ends on a tragic note for all.

5. Rachel Weisz - The Favorite

Rachel Weisz in the film The Favourite | (Photo Credits: Youtube Screenshot)

Everything that can be said about Emma Stone, her co-star in the film, also applies to Rachel Weisz and that is exactly the trouble for Weisz in this category. She simmers on the screen with authority, grit and determination on screen as behind the curtains ruler to Queen Anne, but just as she is undone by Emma Stone's Abigail in the film The Favorite, chances are it might happen at the academy too. Case of life imitating art, anyone? Oscars 2019 Full Nominations List in PDF: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture & More Category-Wise Nominees at 91st Academy Awards.

Our Prediction: 

Though the category is (naturally) full of great performances, there has to one winner. We predict that it is going to be a tough choice for the academy between Rachel Weisz of The Favorite and Regina King of If Beale Street Could Talk. However, going by the norms of Academy Awards, there could also be a surprise winner, but that seems improbable this time. Though this writer would like to see Regina King take the honours for her splendid performance, the odds seem likely in favour of Rachel Weisz.