Oscars 2019 Top Questions: From ‘Who is Hosting the Oscars?’ to ‘Who Has Won the Most Oscars’, All Your Queries on 91st Academy Awards Answered!
Oscar Awards 2019 (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The 91st Academy Awards or Oscars 2019 will take place towards the end of this month. Oscars 2019 ceremony will take place at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles on February 24. The Academy Awards are the most prestigious honours in the film industry. So there is definite excitement about who will take the deserving trophies and which film wins the most number of awards. There are a lot of general queries among the audiences regarding the Oscars 2019 and below we have tried to answer them all. Google Trends shows the top questions that people have regarding the Oscars 2019 and if you are looking for the same answers, let us help you out. Oscars 2019: Date, Venue, Nominations and Everything You Need To Know About The 91st Academy Awards.

The Academy Awards or Oscars are a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry, given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Receiving this golden statue, officially called the "Academy Award of Merit", is one of the biggest honours for any film. The first Academy Awards was held in the year 1930 and broadcast on radio. Based on this ceremony, the Emmy Awards for the television industry, Grammy Awards for the music industry and Tony Awards for theatre are held. Oscars 2019 Nominations: Black Panther Getting 7 Noms to Bradley Cooper’s Snub, 15 Big Surprises From Academy Award List of Nominees!

When are the Oscars?

The 91st edition of Academy Awards or Oscars 2019 will take place on February 24, 2019 at 8 pm EST. The ceremony will take place at Dolby Theatre Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The Red Carpet event will be held prior to this ceremony. The ceremony can be watched in the United States by the American Broadcasting Company(ABC) channel.

Who is hosting the Oscars?

Just as there is curiosity about who wins the coveted awards, there is equal anticipation about the host of this ceremony. The host of Oscars 2019 is one of the most looked for query. The reason being comedian Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting the event. He stepped down in December after his homophobic tweets resurfaced online. Last two years, Jimmy Kimmel took the responsibility of hosting the ceremony. But this time after 30 years, there will be no host for the Oscars 2019. Oscars 2019 to Not Have a Host! Any Guesses What Happened When Academy Awards 1989 Didn't Have One for The First Time?

Where to watch Oscar nominated movies?

Film buffs were discussing their views about the Oscar nominations right after the list was out. And thus a lot of people ensure that they catch up at least the most nominated films for the Academy Awards. Most of the films nominated for Oscars 2019 are readily available on different streaming platforms. The film Roma which has about 10 nominations including the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress is streaming on Netflix. Black Panther, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Avengers: Infinity War are also some of the nominated films which are streaming on Netflix.

Other Oscar nominated films like A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, Cold War, First Reformed, A Quiet Place, Incredibles 2 are available for viewing on Amazon Prime. While some of you may have already seen them but still want a repeat, to brush up your knowledge by rewatching the Oscar-nominated films, you can tune onto these streaming platforms.

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Who has won the most Oscars?

In the history of Academy Awards, Walt Disney has the honour of receiving the most number of Oscars. Nominated for over 59 times, Disney has won 26 Oscars. Most of these awards were won between the years 1932 to 1969. Katharine Hepburn has the tag of winning most number of Oscars in acting. She has won 4 Academy Awards and has been nominated 12 times. Hepburn won the awards for her roles in the films Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967), The Lion in Winter (1968) and On Golden Pond (1981). Oscars 2019 Complete List of Presenters: From Emilia Clark to Jennifer Lopez, Stars Who Will Present Winners With the Statuettes at 91st Academy Award.

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Is Kevin Hart hosting Oscars 2019?

No, Kevin Hart will not be hosting the Oscars 2019 ceremony. Never before has the host of the Oscars become as much as a discussion. Since Hart stepped down in the month of December, it is one of the most asked questions about the Academy Awards. His homophobic tweets came online and it stirred controversy. Hart stepped down from hosting the prestigious ceremony. So Oscars 2019 will not have any host this time.

It will be an exciting thing to watch the Oscars given the great movies that have been nominated here. But this time some of the categories like editing, cinematography, makeup and styling have been removed. Film enthusiasts would already have their list of winner predictions ready for the night. Plus, with no host this time, it will be interesting to see how the entire ceremony plays out.