Mahanati Star Vijay Devarakonda's Way of Celebrating his 29th Birthday Will Make the Kids Happy
Vijay Devarakonda (photo credits: Twitter)

Vijay Devarakonda is one of the most promising young stars in Telugu cinema right now. He gave a brilliant performance in last year's coming of age drama, Arjun Reddy, which could be one of the finest acts of 2017. Vijay Devarakonda will also be seen as a journalist Vijay Anthony in this week's much-anticipated release, Mahanati that is based on the life of yesteryear actress Mahanati Savitri. He will be romancing Samantha Akkineni in the movie.

Well, Mahanati is releasing on May 9, which also happens to be the birthday of this young actor. Vijay Devarakonda is turning 29, but if the release of his movie doesn't make it special, he has another way of making it worthwhile. Vijay has decided to throw a party to his city by distributing free ice-cream to everyone. He has hired three ice-cream trucks and named them The Deverakonda Birthday Truck. These trucks will distribute the ice-creams all day long.

Taking to social media to share his thoughts on this unique birthday gift, Devarakonda wrote, "A few days of shooting in the Sun made me think of this. What if I got 3 ice cream trucks to drive around the city and give out free ice cream to everyone going about their day in the heat. The traffic cops, the street vendors, students, employees." He also shared pictures of the truck, in case you are in Hyderabad and want to have a free ice-cream!

We have to say that is a really thoughtful and sweet gesture from the young Devarakonda. We do hope he himself has a great birthday. The signs are there as Mahanati is getting rave reviews, and Vijay Devarakonda's performance is also getting praised. On behalf of the entire LatestLY desk, we wish this young superstar Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!