Beyhadh 2: When Jennifer Winget Made Co-Star Rajat Verma Nervous on the Sets of Sony TV Show
Jennifer Winget as Maya in Beyhadh 2 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Actor Rajat Verma, who will be seen playing a pivotal role in Beyhadh 2, got intimidated while working with Jennifer Winget for the first time on the show. "I have watched the first season of Beyhadh and loved the show. I never thought that I will get the opportunity to work opposite Jennifer Winget at such initial stage of my career. She is an immensely talented actor and to work with her is like a dream come true. I will never forget how intimidated I was when we were shooting together for the first time. Jennifer Winget’s Beyhadh 2 Is A Twisted Revenge Saga of A Jilted Maya Jaisingh (Watch Video)

"While shooting for the first shot, I was shivering standing in front of her and she was kind enough to comfort me and make me feel relaxed before we shot. After that, it was a smooth ride shooting with her and I always look up to her for the amazing acting skills she possess. Working with her is a learning for me," Rajat said. Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget’s Maya Promises To Be Your Best Illusion And Worst Enemy.

With the first season, Jennifer had garnered alot of praises for her role of Maya, who is obsessed with her husband. The show saw her in a negative role for the first time, and it soon became popular. Now, the show is getting a reboot. Beyhadh 2 will feature Jennifer as Maya, along with actors Shivin Narang and Ashish Chowdhry in the lead roles. Beyhadh 2 will soon air on Sony TV.