Beyhadh 2: Jennifer Winget's Maya Promises To Be Your Best Illusion And Worst Enemy
Jennifer Winget as Maya in Beyhadh 2 (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While we have already established that we can't get enough of Jennifer Winget like ever... But from the looks of the actress' next project Beyhadh 2, the teasers, promos and even Instagram promotional posts, we can officially declare that we also can't ever get enough of Maya also. The actress will be reprising the role of a psychotic and obsessive woman in the second instalment of her psychological thriller, which has always been the talk of the town. Beyhadh 2 New Promo: Jennifer Winget As Maya Doesn't Even Spare Lord Krishna, Promises to Unleash a New ‘Mahabharat’ From December 2 (Watch Video)

The first promo of the show was released a few weeks back and opened to the immense positive reviews. Starring Ashish Chowdhry and Shivin Narang as the male leads, this season of Beyhadh will be all about immense hatred and how Maya will channel her all into hate this time around.

And on similar lines, Jennifer posted an image of Maya where she is seen talking about a person's fitrat.

Check Out Jennifer's Post Below:

She also captioned the post and revealed a tidbit about Maya which says that Maya is a storm that her enemies will not see coming and in no time will be surrounded by it.

Beyhadh season 1 was immensely successful for firstly the cast's performance and also how the makers tackled the tricky subject of frail mental health and obsession in a very delicate manner and also stressed on how getting help was the best way out. However, the daily soap also gave the audience a healthy dose of romance, thrill and suspense and the show was the most talked about during the time of its airing.