Bigg Boss 12: Saba Khan's Punishment For Pushing Srishty Rode Should Be More Severe Than Surbhi Rana's
Srishty Rode gets attacked on Bigg Boss 12, yet again

Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? These questions have brought great stress and has caused confusion amongst the housemates. A surprise mid-eviction in the Bigg Boss house left the contestants in shock and anguish as Sree Santh got evicted from the house. The singles and the jodis were both affected by this eviction and everyone broke down in tears. But none of them have a clue that he will be accompanying Anup Jalota in the secret room and will keeping a close eye on each contestant.

With the passing of a night filled with mixed emotions, the contestants woke up to the song ‘Pretty Woman’, giving them a hint on the captaincy task for the week that was to take place between the Khan Sisters - Saba and Somi and Srishty Rode. As a part of the captaincy task, the two contenders had to collect magnectic plates from the other housemates by convincing them. Later, they had to put the obtained magnetic plates on a board which was placed in the garden area. The contenders had to write their names on the plates and in the end, whoever had the most number of plates with their names won the task. They were also given an opportunity to strike the opposition’s name and write their name on the plates. Dipika was asked to be the sanchalak of this task. Bigg Boss 12: Captaincy Task Gets Cancelled After Saba Khan Attacks Srishty Rode - Watch Video.

This task too, brought out the competitive spirit among the contenders. While giving each other a tough fight in order to win the captaincy, Saba Khan and Srishty Rode got into a fight which completely changed the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss house. Srishty locked herself in a bathroom and started throwing things in resentment.


In the luxury budget task, Surbhi Rana attacked Srishty, after which the former was disqualified from the task. She did it unintentionally, but Saba attacked her intentionally and hence her punishment should be more severe than Surbhi.