Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan Has a Musical Treat for His Fans Every Weekend

The craze, the fandom, the excitement is soon going to begin as India’s favorite reality series Bigg Boss is all set to premiere tonight. The twelfth season promises to be an entertaining affair as a great mix of celebrity and commoners move in as house-mates. With just a few hours left for the launch, many are already pepped up to see what the latest season has got in store. The premiere episode or what the makers are calling as the Bigg Night has some glamorous performances including the much awaited, stellar performance by host Salman Khan on a medley of his popular songs.

One by one the contestants made a smashing entry on stage and got into a quirky tete-e-tete with Salman Khan and the interrogative panelists – Manveer Gurjar, Shilpa Shinde, Dibang and Swetha Singh.

Adding an extra element of fun for the viewers, for the first time, this season will have a band called the Bigg Band who will be seen every weekend performing on the grand stage. The band has also composed an original theme song for this season. Keeping in sync with the theme, the stage also has elements of a beach like a cruise ship, a shack, a lighthouse with the gorgeous sea as a backdrop. With every contestant leaving behind their families and friends for 100 + days, anxiety, eagerness, and excitement take over as they step inside the house, tonight.