Ishqbaaz 16th April 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Roop Asks Pinky To Chose Between Shivay And Anika
Ishqbaaz Promotional Still

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Roop asking Shivay(Nakuul Mehta) to get ready to get married. She asks her goons to snatch away his phone. It is seen that Shivay has Omkara on the line as he cancels the call and gives the phone to the goon. At home Omkara and Rudra get worried as they do not get through Shivay. Khanna promises to track Shivay soon enough and Om tells Rudra they will not let this marriage happen now that they know Roop's truth. They are just speaking when Anika walks in and asks them whose marriage are they talking about. OmRu lie lie to Anika that they are talking about their friend. Anika asks OmRu if they know where Shivay is and they once again lie. Anika walks away.

Omkara and Rudra decide to find out Shivay soon. Pinky and Shakti are trying to reach Shivay on call as they get more and more worried. Pinky gets Roop's call who asks her to tell no one and meet her. Roop also sends Pinky some of Shivay's hostage pictures. Pinky gets all worried and decides to go.

Shivay sits as Roop's henchmen sit guard. Shivay thinks of a way to get to the proof which is locked up by Roop. Shivay demands to go and pee. The men take him and Shivay just hopes that the locker is in the direction he is going. Shivay gets into bathroom and locks himself in. He sees a ventilation and gets through it. Meanwhile Roop waits for Pinky. They meet up and Roop tells Pinky that Shivay is getting married to someone else.

Pinky is shocked and says that Shivay and Anika love each other so much. Roop says that Pinky will have to get Shivay married so that Anika thinks that along with Shivay even his family has deceived her. Pinky refuses to do that and says that Anika is her daughter and she will not do anything of that sort. Roop asks her to chose between her son's life and Anika. She adds that Anika and Shivay have to suffer for her son's fate.

Shivay is in the locker room as he tries opening the locker. There is a password to it and Shivay tries to figure out the password. Shivay tries everything and later he thinks of the date of the kalyani mill tragedy and fills it up. The locker opens and Shivay gets the clue and escapes. Shivay runs out as the goons follow him. Om and Rudra have traced Shivay's phone and reach the place. Pinky returns home and tells Shakti. Anika arrives and hugs Pinky asking her about ehat is bothering her. Anika consoles Pinky as Pinky feels guilty.