Ishqbaaz 16th July 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivay And Anika Get Closer After Getting Drunk
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Anika(Surbhi Chandna) being busy with the wedding preparations as Priyanka hands over Daksh's jacket to Anika for the fitting.

Anika chances to find a slip of the boarding pass and have an opportunity to prove that Daksh reached India a day prior to what he actually said he did. She makes a call at the airline office and to find out the details, but they ask her to call the next day.

Daksh hears her and decides to do something that day itself so that she gets thrown out of the house. Rudra and Om are ready with the drugged fruit punch.

Rudra tries to make Shivay drink it, but exactly then Daksh and Tia walk in. Daksh insists on drinking the punch as he has his doubts about it now. Daksh knows that something is in the punch and decides to use it against Anika.

Anika walks up with Priyanka's wedding dresses. Daksh asks her to forgive him for the other day and drink the punch. Anika resists but she gives in finally to Priyanka's insistence.

The family leaves for dinner at a friend's house, and Shivay is left in the house with Anika. Shivay finishes his meeting and finds the punch lying around. He starts drinking as Anika walks up. He offers some to Anika too.

They start drinking. Anika passes out for a while. Later when she wakes she asks Shivay why he gets all angry. Shivay starts laughing, and Anika is surprised to see that.

They have a conversation about each other's anger, and also Shivay says sorry for hurting her. Anika tells him about how she records herself whenever she feels angry.

Shivay tries the same and starts recording. He says that he gets angry at Khanna because he lands up everytime with a wrong timing when he is watching Anika sneakily.

Shivay then speaks about his parents and says that they had a bad marriage as Shakti cheated on Pinky. Later they killed themselves without for once thinking about their children. Shivay says that he lost his faith in marriage because of this.