The fourth season of The Boys is getting better with each episode, ain't it? The fifth episode saw the show get into B-movie territory with super-powered killer hens and sheep absolutely destroying poor human victims. Now, the sixth episode of The Boys S4, titled "Dirty Business", has dropped on July 4, and it goes yucky for a different reason: the sexual one. From the 'Batman' in The Boys universe turning out to be an alt-right sexual deviant with a fetish for BDSM to Homelander revisiting his own fetish from the previous seasons, the new episode has some very outlandish moments, with fans already calling the episode 'Herogasm 2.0'. ‘The Boys’ S4 Episode 5 Review: Netizens Call Karl Urban and Jack Quaid’s Prime Video Superhero Series ‘Epic’.

Most of the sixth episode is spent with Hughie masquerading as Web-Weaver and infiltrating Tek-Knight's party at his mansion, where Homelander is planning to convince the attending billionaires to pull off a coup in accordance with the 25th Amendment and bring down the president. Later, Starlight, Kimiko and Mother's Milk also enter the mansion to rescue Hughie, who finds himself trapped in the most uncomfortable situation.

Meanwhile, Butcher, with the help of Kessler, tries to coerce the kidnapped and amputated Sameer to create the virus that would kill Homelander, but Sameer finally reveals why he would not create that virus. The episode had plenty of twists and turns and some major WTF moments, especially the final twist that no one would have expected!

Check out seven such scenes below. Disclaimer: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

MM Roofies Web-Weaver Through His A$$

A Still From The Boys S4E6

When The Boys learn that Web-Weaver has strangely gotten an invitation to Tek-Knight's exclusive party through A-Train's intel, they decide to send Hughie to the party disguised in Web-Weaver's costume. But for that, MM needs to drug out a coked-out Web-Weaver, and for that, he needs to inject the drug through his butt-hole. While a disgusted MM does pull that off, he is rewarded by Web-Weaver farting a web on his face through his other butt-hole!

The Tek-Cave Scene

A Still From The Boys S4E6

We finally get to see Tek-Knight's Tek-Cave, and let's say we hope not to visit him again. Also, so does Hughie, who once looked upon Tek-Knight as a hero. The Tek-Cave turns out to be a sexual dungeon for Tek-Knight, with a gimp ready, chained and bound, and the Web-Weaver is called to the party only to be one of the sexual partners for Tek-Knight for his BDSM session. A trapped Hughie has no option but to play along, which means sitting buck-naked on a chocolate cake and farting on it and then getting chained on what is a pommel horse, with Ashley Barrett joining Tek-Knight and further humiliating Hughie for her sexual pleasure. Too bad that despite his resilient efforts to play along with the humiliation, Hughie gets caught by Tek-Knight because he didn't remember his safe-word. Which, amusingly, turned out to be 'Zendaya'! The Boys Season 4 Censored by Prime Video India? Scenes of B*tthole, Orgy Either Blurred or CGI-ed for Desi Viewers.

Sage Gets Shot in the Head

A Still From The Boys S4E6

While trying to find where Hughie is, MM stumbles upon Sage who is in the library (that's also the entrance to the Tek-Cave). MM tries to put her at gunpoint, but Sage keeps instigating him to the point he ends up shooting her in the head. However, Sage survives the bullet to her head, but it squishes her brain so that she acts like a kid for the rest of the party, nearly ruining Homelander's plans. Which brings us to...

'America's Not a Democracy'

A Still From The Boys S4E6

When Homelander is seen failing to answer the alt-right billionaires' questions on how to handle the repercussions of the coup, and Sage is no help either, Victoria steps up the act. She delivers an impassioned speech to the listeners where she drops som hard-truths. From saying that America being called democracy is a lie to calling the masses 'stupid' to declaring corporations as the owners of the country, Victoria's speech is a hard dig on the capitalist face of the First World country. And the fact that the speech is made on a show that is hosted on a platform owned by a capitalist billionaire makes the irony even harder!

Tek-Knight Gets Killed By His 'Pennyworth'

A Still From The Boys S4E6

After Tek-Knight is captured and bound by Kimiko and Starlight, they threaten him to reveal what Homelander is up to. When he actually enjoys their torture, they find his weak point when they get hold of control of his bank accounts and begin to leak his money to charities he hates. Tek-Knight caves in and reveals that Homelander and Sage plan to use his prisons as internment camps. It is at that moment that his long-suffering butler, who is used to cleaning his master's shit, electrocutes Tek-Knight to death.

Firecracker Seduces Homelander Finally

A Still From The Boys S4E6

A besotted Firecracker has been trying hard to get Homelander's good graces. And she gets the opportunity when she reveals what she has done for him. When Homelander accuses Firecracker of being a double agent, she first goes on an impassioned speech and then reveals her breasts to him. When Homelander reminds her that he is not sexually attracted to her, she squirts breast milk on his face. A shocked Homelander finds out that Firecracker has been ingesting drugs that fill her breasts with milk without the need to get pregnant. Later, Homelander is seen suckling on her breasts (no nudity shown), while Firecracker mollycoddles him.

The Double Hallucination

A Still From The Boys S4E6

A hassled Sameer finally tells Butcher that if he makes a virus powerful enough to kill Homelander, it would be airborne and would kill all supes like a pandemic. While Kessler is pleased to hear about this, Butcher's hallucination of Becca reminds him that it would also kill Kimiko and Starlight. As Joe and Becca try to persuade Butcher to listen to their arguments, Butcher is shocked when Kessler frustratingly yells at Becca to shut up. It is then revealed to both Butcher and to us that Kessler, like Becca, is also a hallucination who brings out the more aggressive side of Butcher (that ended up killing Ezekiel), while the real Kessler has been dead all the while. Now, who saw that coming???

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