Ideas and opportunities don’t just materialize out of thin air. Entrepreneurship is a never-ending procession of challenges, accomplishments, setbacks, and endless hurdles to overcome. For serial entrepreneur Christian Debra, he shared a passion for music in his early ages and wanted to pursue his dream to become a musician. Formerly known as Why'el the musician, now Christian Debra the businessman (self-proclaimed as "The Millennial's Mentor"), is an inspiring black Canadian making waves in the forex trading world in Toronto. As great entrepreneurs do, when his aspiration began to become unfeasible and was unable to make ends-meet in the music industry; Christian employed his diverse skill set and pivoted into the world of finance in order to hedge a successful future and help the youth along his journey.

Christian worked many odd jobs, many of which provided himself with valuable connections and discovered new opportunities to branch-off into other areas he could provide value to. Upon learning and becoming proficient in the forex trading industry, he was able to not only build a reputation for himself; but build quite a sizable portfolio – with just over $250,000 CAD being earned during the pandemic alone. Christian was able to learn from his setbacks – and furthermore turn his setbacks into opportunities. Christian now runs The Blue Zone FX, one of Canada’s top online trading courses, a program he has had in the works since 2016.

The Blue Zone FX academy maintains an edge over the competition by not only teaching his students how to trade the markets - but he further teaches them how to raise funds and receive capital to trade. For many beginner traders, finding the capital to trade is a major barrier to their willingness to learn and participate in the markets. This unique feature Christian offers allows individuals who are eager to learn how to trade gain an entry point where they cannot only learn, but actively engage and exercise their newfound knowledge. With this exclusive advantage at The Blue Zone FX, Christian helps individuals with high levels of drive “secure the bag”, helping them find funding from 25K-200K to trade with. He finds this gives his community an advantage, one that wasn't presented to him when he first started, and allows aspiring traders within the community to remain engaged in The Blue Room; a chat forum created for The Blue Zone FX members. His philosophy is to deliver value and keep things simple - allowing the results and momentum to do the rest.

What separates Christian Debra from the saturated market of online traders and individuals offering training programs is his genuine interest and compassion for his clients. Coming from the same background as many of his students, Christian understands the difficulties and opportunities that can either be suffered or accomplished; depending on an individual’s mindset and work ethic to learn new skills and remain dedicated. Christian experienced first-hand that with the right attitude and proper mentoring – he was able to live a better life he ever thought was possible. Christian operates under the mantra “Speaking to the Dreamer”, understanding many discouraged individuals are unable to get off the ground simply because they have let hardships dishearten their passions. Christian does not give up on these individuals, and rather serves as a mentor to help dreams come to fruition.

With the year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic complicating the lives of many, Christian Debra and The Blue Zone FX provide a platform to inspire and revive the passion of many individuals who are struggling to maintain a positive mindset. His story is not only inspiring, but motivational for anyone who feels as if their dreams are falling out of reach. Through rebranding and a relentless hustle to his work, Christian has been able to accomplish his dreams. His goal in 2021 is to provide that same motivation and mentorship to help many others who have shared similar life experiences. With his passion, drive, and genuine desire to help others – especially the mental difficulties millennials are facing during this time; there is no stopping his increasing trajectory to become a major name in not only the forex world, but an inspiration for all; “The Millennial’s Mentor”.