ICICI WhatsApp Banking Service Launched Amid COVID-19 Lockdown, Here's How It Works
ICICI Bank. (Photo Credit: ANI)

New Delhi, March 31: To facilitate people during the 21-day lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, ICICI Bank on Monday introduced WhatsApp banking service. “The facility is available 24x7, securely with end-to-end encryption,” the private lender said in a tweet. The service enables customers to access a host of banking services with just a few clicks. ICICIStack: ICICI Bank Says Its New Digital Tool to Allow 100% Banking Transactions Online.

Customers can check their savings account balance, information about last three transactions, blocking and unblocking credit/debit cards anytime, credit card limit, track deliverables such as debit/credit cards, details on pre-approved loans with ICICI WhatsApp banking services. HDFC, ICICI Ask Customers to Go Digital Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

Here's How You Can Start ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking:

  • Add ICICI Bank's official WhatsApp number 9324953001 to your contacts and send "Hi" from your registered mobile number. The bank will reply you instantly with list of services available.
  • To check account balance, type any keywords like bal, ac bal, acc bal, my balance, balance, account balance, check bal, check balance.
  • To view last three transactions, Type txn, stmt, history, mini statement, transaction, check statement, transaction history.
  • To know outstanding balance and view available credit limit of credit card, Type credit card limit, limit, cc limit, credit card balance, credit balance, cc balance
  • To check nearest ICICI Bank ATM and branch, type ATM, ICICI ATM, ICICI Bank ATM, branch, ICICI branch, branch near me
  • to block/Unblock credit and debit card, type unblock, block, block my card, unblock my card, lost my card, card stolen
  • To track deliverables, type track, deliverable, estimated time, date of delivery, delivery date

While bank branches continue to be open, banks and the Reserve Bank of India are encouraging customers to do online banking and use digital payments to ensure social distancing.