Ambuj Yadav, owner of The Reader’s Cafe is one of the prominent names in the hospitality industry.

Coming from Gorakhpur, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, he is one of the youngest food entrepreneurs who is running his one-of-a-kind cafe. The Reader’s Cafe has its branches in Indirapuram and Noida. This spacious and soothing cafe, not just dishes out delicious and drool-worthy food but is also home to a beautiful library filled with classic and mainstream books. Moreover, they have their menu designed like a book along with wood-like interiors and comfortable seating.

One of the riskiest endeavors an entrepreneur can do is to start his own venture especially if it’s in a competitive environment such as the hospitality industry. However, when you are putting the right ingredients in your business, then undoubtedly it will attain the success it deserves. And that is what Mr. Ambuj did; identifying the key elements for his restaurant venture.

Let us take a look at the top 3 ingredients which Ambuj kept in mind while running his outlet:

  • An impressive idea: Someone rightly said, “No Risk, No Gain” and this is what Ambuj followed. He knew his idea is unique and was also aware of the risks and struggles he will be facing while starting his outlet, however, Ambuj didn’t let it overpower him, and the result is, the opening of The Reader’s Cafe in the year 2015. The initial days were not good enough but now this cafe is one of the favorite spots of bibliophiles that take their reading buds for a ride with a sip of coffee and scrumptious food.
  • Good Relationship: No matter how successful you become, it’s the bond that you have created throughout your life matter. Not only with his family and close acquaintances, but Ambuj also shares a good bond with his co-workers, customers, and clients. This is why this cafe is molded according to today’s youth desires and preferences i.e it can be converted into a co-working space as well as a photoshoot location with the features like fine and perky ambiance, high-speed wifi connectivity and power backup.
  • Amicable yet different: One of the unique ingredients that Ambuj took notice of is the youth’s needs and wants that can collaborate with his soon-to-be-open restaurant. He knew that the combination of coffee and a book is what every bibliophile loves, As a result, he took this small detail as an opportunity and turned this ideation into a whole concept for his cafe. This familiar yet different kind of cafe is what makes it popular and exciting.

His cafe is familiar not only with the common audience but celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Vindu Dara Singh, and Laxmi Aggarwal have visited the cafe too. Besides this, the book launches also takes place in The Reader’s Cafe.

Also, in the year 2018, it won the ‘Radio City Icon Award’ for being one of the unique cafes in the city.