The main trend of 2020 has been the complete digital transformation of business, a massive transition to online. In 2021, these features are going further, and online business opportunities are expanding. Equally important changes have taken place in content and influencer marketing, as well as in workflow automation.

To adequately withstand the competition in the market, it is necessary to constantly engage oneself in self-education and be aware of all the new trends in marketing and sales.

We sat down with expert business coach Owen Hone to look into some of the strategies that he considers vital for successful brand development in 2021.

Robust Content Marketing

20 years ago, Bill Gates said: “Content is King”, and his words are more relevant today than ever before.

Content authenticity, emotional substance, and clear positioning trends came out on top in 2021. There has been an increased demand from the audience for honesty and a clear brand identity. People want to observe not only the “beautiful life”, but also learn about the failures, fears, feelings, and thoughts of the brand. 

“The requirements for your content in 2021 remain unchanged: quality, uniqueness, and completeness of response to user requests”, says Owen.

Importance of A Comprehensive Strategy

To prove effective, a marketing strategy should provide multiple points of contact with customers without sacrificing quality.

The biggest problem with today’s marketing is that many know very little about the most effective marketing tools (actually, there are more than 5,000 of them). More than 90% of specialists do not know what the Jedi algorithm is, yet it allows for the acquisition of crowds of ideal customers.

“Many don’t get marketing strategies right, and it’s one of the reasons our clients consistently get such great results working with us”, says Owen.

Using this strategy and many more, Owen has guided numerous entrepreneurs towards scaling their businesses to 6 figures and higher. Yet Owen offers much more to his clients than just skyrocketing profits. He helps find and nurture the strongest characteristics of individuals- a practice he considers the cornerstone of overall enhanced quality of life.

Trusting Oneself

“Freedom isn't found in the amount of money in your bank account, nice cars, or sitting on a beach with your laptop”, says Owen. “It's earned every day by having the courage to speak up and take action. If you don't, you are literally proving your limiting beliefs true and in the true sense of the word, you're trapped. Freedom comes from feeling afraid, feeling resistance, but moving forward anyway”.

No amount of expertise or skills are going to ensure your success if you lack courage and will towards continuous action.

Again, Owen put it perfectly: “If you're ever feeling resistance or fear around taking action, scream to the universe that you are enough, you can do this and nothing can stop you. When you do that, the universe answers back”.