Madhya Pradesh Man Carries Mother's Dead Body on Bike, After Being Denied a Hearse Van in Mohangarh : Watch Video!
Man carrying dead body of his mother on motorcycle after being denied a hearse van. (Photo credits: ANI video)

Madhya Pradesh, July 11: Another shocking case of medical apathy comes to the front as a man brought the dead body of his mother on a motorcycle for post mortem after being allegedly denied a hearse van by district hospital in Mohangarh, Madhya Pradesh. According to an ANI report, the Upper Collector has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

In the month of May, a similar incident happened, when a man carried the dead body of his wife on his shoulders on being denied a hearse van. He pleaded the tempo drivers to also to drop the body home as the district hospital denied him a hearse. The Chief Medical Officer in that case also had ordered an inquiry.

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Several incidents get reported every year, in spite of the state government reportedly ordering health departments to ensure that the dead are treated with dignity and respect.